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Archetype Test

(archetype Guides Test™)

BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE ARCHETYPE TEST: For the following questions please select how much you agree with each statement. For full accuracy please do not skip any questions. Follow your gut with your answers. Do not overthink your response. Go with whatever feels right first. When choosing your answers focus mainly on how you feel about yourself right now in your life, but also consider if the statement has been true as a pattern throughout your life. At the end, you’ll be able to download a report of your power Archetype with guidance on how to connect with your true Self and create an authentic brand (brand archetypes). Have fun!

The 12 Archetypes Include: The Jester Archetype, Sage Archetype, Magician Archetype, Ruler Archetype, Creator Archetype, Lover Archetype, Rebel Archetype, Explorer Archetype, Caregiver Archetype, Warrior Archetype, Everyman Archetype, and Innocent Archetype.

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