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Are you a driven Latina or woman who is a trauma survivor and you feel like no matter what you do to create a better life and reach your goals and dreams, something keeps holding you back?


Trauma might be the culprit. It creates a distortion of how you see yourself, blocks access from connecting to your authentic Self, and living your fullest potential in the world.

Hola, I’m Mónica

I’m a driven Latina with indigenous roots and a trauma survivor who has healed from a bunch of trauma and is now creating a life that was always my God-given right.

As a woman of color, I was born into and raised in trauma. I know too well how your traumas can motivate you to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones. This is what makes driven women incredibly resilient.

Yet most of our lives we’re taught to ignore what happened to us. You can see this happening in most coaching containers today where coaches will tell you that if you focus on the positive – you can manifest whatever you want. Trauma doesn’t work that way.

If what you’re doing doesn’t feel safe to your internal world (no matter how positive the intentions are) – it will block you from moving forward. When this happens reaching any goal can feel even more challenging. This is how trauma works. This leaves you feeling stuck, like you’re running around in circles with very little results, and like there’s something wrong with you.

My passion is to support other Latinas and driven women who are trauma survivors like you in overcoming the obstacles today and from past traumas, so you can gain clarity of who you are, find your purpose in life, build your self-esteem/confidence, reach your goals, and live your fullest potential in the world.

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Ready to live your fullest potential
in the world?

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Driven Latina Coaching

Ready to feel fully witnessed, heard, and supported in processing trauma, overcoming the issues only Latinas face, and reaching your goals for any aspect of your life? Join my classes, coaching programs, and connect with other amazing Latinas just like you!

Driven Women Coaching

Are you a driven woman and ready to overcome the internal obstacles and traumas that are holding you back from reaching your goals and truly living your fullest potential in the world? Check out my classes, coaching programs, and connect with other driven women who are healing and courageously doing the same!

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Coaching with me supports you in: 

Seeing and processing the deeper issues that are blocking you from connecting with your authentic Self.
Living your fullest potential in the world.
Increasing your self-esteem and confidence.
Assisting you in accessing your own inner wisdom so you can learn to trust yourself again.
Understanding why you do what you do.
Making deep lasting changes in your life with compassion.
Feeling supported and authentic in processing trauma and reaching your goals for any aspect of your life…
All from the comfort of your home.

What clients are saying

I enjoy and appreciate working with Monica because she has acquired much wisdom from her personal experiences and her extensive training as a trauma-informed life coach.  She does a great job of guiding others through processes which will help them remove the obstacles which have kept them from moving forward into healthier and happier lives.

Mary G.

Goal & Parts Work Coaching Client

I walked away from my sessions feeling lighter and more in control. Being able to feel safe and comfortable enough to share my experiences and issues helped me immensely. Being able to let go of the feelings of anxiety and stress towards some things allowed me to be more in tune with other things in my life. I would say that people who begin work Mónica thay you’re  are in good hands with a very knowledgeable, kind, and wise person.

Norma G.

Goal & Parts Work Coaching Client

As a former competitive athlete, I know what a difference coaching makes, so I was excited to work with Monica to see if I could benefit from coaching in other areas of my life. She did not disappoint! I loved working with Monica. With each session, she provided a positive and illuminating space for clarity, connections and insights to arise. I strengthened my muscle of looking inward, felt more deeply rooted in my inner voice and strength, and was propelled forward with practical and doable steps to take going forward. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Monica!


Goal Coaching Client

Professional Experience

As a Certified Goal Coach, a Parts Work Coach (Internal Family Systems), and Ordained Minister with a Masters in Divinity Certification that has been on my own personal self-healing and spiritual path for over 12 years; I provide compassionate and impactful trauma and transformational goal coaching in a safe and approachable environment where you can genuinely be seen and heard.

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