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One-On-One Trauma Coaching
For Driven Latinas

Are you a driven Latina and you’re feeling stuck or like something keeps stopping you from living your fullest potential in the world?

Have you experienced trauma that’s causing emotional or mental pain and want to start feeling better?

Are you a professional Latina and are finding it difficult to navigate the corporate world or your career because you’re experiencing blocks that nobody in your organization understands?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Trauma Coaching with me can be a supportive and powerful ally in your journey!

As a driven Latina myself who has healed from a bunch of trauma, I know how challenging is it to navigate the world when you’ve experienced trauma.

The Impacts Of Trauma In The Latino Community

In the Latino community, we’re raised with the idea that we don’t look at or talk about trauma or difficult feelings. We’re not given an opportunity to heal from what caused us harm.

Times are changing and we’re learning that if we truly want to be empowered as Latinas, we must start looking, talking about, and healing from our difficult experiences. Not doing so causes more harm, impacts our children (trauma gets passed down from generation to generation), and blocks us from truly thriving in the world.

If you’ve found my work that means you’re a courageous Latina! You’re ready to take your power back, to create a new path for yourself and future generations, and you’re ready to feel better and heal.

The Reality Of Trauma

Trauma creates distortions of yourself, others, and the world. It impacts the choices you make about yourself, your relationships, your career, and your goals in life. It’s not until you process your traumas that you begin to see yourself, others, and your goals clearly. Most importantly – you’ll start feeling better.

Traditional Therapy Or Coaching
Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Traditional talk therapy doesn’t work for everyone. Also, working with coaches who don’t understand how trauma works or use modalities that are aggressive can cause more harm. Additionally, coaches who are not Latinas don’t understand your experience as a Latina and this can feel invalidating of your lived experiences. This was my experience and my Latina clients.

It wasn’t until I started to work with Parts Work (as known as Internal Family Systems) that I finally started to heal. The main reason this modality works is because you’ll discover how your internal world works. You’ll gain clarity of your feelings and thoughts and unburden from past traumas. You’ll also develop life skills that support you in navigating the world as you move forward. You’ll learn to trust yourself and develop self-confidence and a secure sense of self.

With this style of coaching, I don’t tell you who you are, what to feel, or think. Instead, you’ll develop the skills to find your own wisdom within and become truly empowered as Latina. In fact, every single client I worked with has shared they have never experienced anything like this style of coaching before (even those that have spent years on their spiritual paths). They shared they can’t see themselves navigating the world without doing this work. This is how much it changed their lives and it can change yours too!

Ready to live your fullest potential in the world as an empowered Latina?

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Doing Parts Work/Trauma Coaching With Me Supports You In:

• Understanding your thoughts, feelings, and Self better.

• Creating a secure sense of self and feeling more connected to yourself.

• Overcoming the internal obstacles/traumas you’ve experienced as a Latina that are holding you back from living your fullest potential in your life and feeling good about yourself.

• Processing and finally letting go of what’s causing you pain internally in a way that feels gentle and respectful of your whole being.

• Learning how to connect to your internal world so you can reconnect to your true self, live an authentic life, and trust yourself more.

• Navigating the challenges and obstacles that life throws at you as a Latina.

• Learning how to become your own healer, leader, and finding your own answers for any aspect of life.

• Helping you create better relationships with yourself and others.

• Helping you make sense of how the trauma you experienced impacted you and what you need in order to process it.

• Learning to navigate and discern between healthy individuals and those who have red flags.

• Helping you learn what your boundaries are and how to set them so you can feel safe as a Latina in the world.

• Helping you develop more inner compassion, self-love, self-validation, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Live your fullest potential in the world as an empowered Latina!

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What Driven Latinas Are Saying
About Working With  Mónica

I walked away from my sessions feeling lighter and more in control. Being able to feel safe and comfortable enough to share my experiences and issues helped me immensely. Being able to let go of the feelings of anxiety and stress towards some things allowed me to be more in tune with other things in my life. I would say that people who begin work Mónica thay you’re in good hands with a very knowledgeable, kind, and wise person.

Norma G.

Goal & Parts Work Coaching Client

Professional Experience

As a Certified Goal Coach, a Parts Work Coach (Internal Family Systems), and Ordained Minister with a Masters in Divinity Certification that has been on my own personal self-healing and spiritual path for over 12 years; I provide compassionate and impactful trauma and transformational goal coaching in a safe and approachable environment where you can genuinely be seen and heard.