Start Your Journey By Connecting With
Your True Self

Take the Archetype Guides Test™ to learn how to connect with sacred parts of yourself (archetypes) and how to work with them to discover your true Self and create an authentic brand if you have a business.

Driven Women Coaching

Are you a driven woman who is a trauma survivor and ready to live your fullest potential in the world? Uncover your hidden potential and reconnect to your authentic Self.

Check out all my amazing offerings and free content below – created for women just like you to support you in doing just that!

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Work with Archetypes
to reconnect
to your authentic Self

Trauma causes driven women to create a distortion of themselves that blocks access to their authentic sleeves and impacts many areas of their lives. In order to overcome this, they need to learn to access their own inner wisdom and inner world. Begin to do just that with my Archetype Guides Test! You’ll learn about these sacred parts that already live in you so you can understand yourself on a deeper level.

Understand how Archetypes
are connected
to trauma Masterclass

Learn about the world of archetypes, how they show in your life, and the main archetypes that are vital to helping you understand and process trauma. If you’re going through big changes in your life that feel like disruption – this is for a reason – your archetypes are trying to show you something important. Learn how to make sense of this, understand yourself on a deeper level, and begin to reconnect back to your own inner wisdom and authentic Self through the world of archetypes in this insightful class.

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Live Classes

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Coaching Classes for Driven Women

Join a group of driven women every month for transformative and informative live virtual coaching classes. Each month we’ll cover a new topic to support you in overcoming the obstacles in your life, career, and goals. I’ll also do a complimentary mini-trauma or goal-coaching session. When you attend you’ll also be invited to join exclusive events and coaching programs at no cost or at special pricing. These are only offered to individuals that attend these classes! Click the button below to join now.

One on One Coaching

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One-on-One Trauma Coaching With Mónica

Are you a driven woman with goals and dreams in your life but feel like something keeps holding you back? This is an indication of trauma. Trauma causes inner blocks/distortions of how you see yourself and impacts many areas of your life. In these private one-on-one sessions with me, you’ll begin to safely and gently process trauma for any aspect of life, you’ll learn how to access your own inner wisdom so you can learn to trust yourself again, increase your self-esteem, and make deep lasting changes in your life with compassion, so you can live the life that’s your God-given right –  all from the comfort of your home.

Goal Coaching With Mónica

Ready to start manifesting your goals and dreams in the world? Learn how to do just that in this co-creative container that will support you in accessing your own deeper awareness to find your own answers and take the next steps to reach your goals for any aspect of life. This is a powerful next step for driven women who have done Trauma Coaching with me or are seeking for this type of support.

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What Past Driven Women Are Saying
About Working With  Mónica

I highly recommend working with Monica.  She clearly has a divine gift and the passion necessary to provide you with the tools you will need to take a huge leap in your life and career.  Working with Monica gave me great insight into myself and provided me with great connections with my archetypes, who are here to help me.  Connecting to them enables you to be a stronger and more confident person.  Monica is a treasure and anyone that has the pleasure to work with her will be greatly gifted.  It is worth the investment in yourself to partner with Monica!

Erika O.

Parts Work Coaching Client

As a former competitive athlete, I know what a difference coaching makes, so I was excited to work with Monica to see if I could benefit from coaching in other areas of my life. She did not disappoint! I loved working with Monica. With each session, she provided a positive and illuminating space for clarity, connections and insights to arise. I strengthened my muscle of looking inward, felt more deeply rooted in my inner voice and strength, and was propelled forward with practical and doable steps to take going forward. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Monica!

Eva S.

Goal Coaching Client

I enjoy and appreciate working with Mónica because she has acquired much wisdom from her personal experiences and her extensive training as a trauma-informed life coach.  She does a great job of guiding others through processes which will help them remove the obstacles which have kept them from moving forward into healthier and happier lives.

Mary G.

Goal & Parts Work Coaching Client

I enjoy and appreciate working with I feel like working with Mónica helped to empower me to see that my experiences are valid. She showed me how to comfort myself and made me feel empowered to show up for myself.

Ancilla J.

Parts Work Coaching Client

If you need a simple and easy to do plan to complete a goal, Monica will help you. This means you’ll actually do the thing you said you were going to do for real this time.

Taraleigh W.

Goal Coaching Client

Professional Experience

As a Credentialed Coach (Associate Certified Coach – ICF), a Certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach, a Certified Parts Work Coach (Internal Family Systems), and Ordained Minister with a Masters in Divinity Certification that has been on my own personal self-healing and spiritual path for over 12 years; I provide compassionate and impactful trauma and professional goal coaching in a safe and approachable environment where you can genuinely be seen
and heard.

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