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Ready to uncover your hidden potential and manifest the Empoderanda Latina in you in a way that’s authentic to you? This is your birthright.

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Are you a driven Latina & feeling stuck?

Trauma might be what’s holding you back. Learn how trauma uniquely impacts Latinas and why processing it is the most empowering thing you can do to stop feeling stuck, increase your self-esteem, build your confidence, and truly live an empowered life.

imposter syndrome Trauma Masterclass 

Are you a successful Latina but still feel like an imposter in different areas of your life? Learn how imposter syndrome trauma uniquely impacts Latinas and how to process it, so you can build your self-confidence, own your gifts, and manifest your fullest potential in the world.

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Live Classes

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Overcome Trauma Coaching Class for
Driven Latinas

Learn how trauma uniquely impacts Latinas in all areas of their lives and blocks them from manifesting their fullest potential in the world. Feel supported in a safe space with other driven Latinas like you who are ready to connect to their inner wisdom. In each class, you’ll learn about different trauma-related topics that impact Latinas and I’ll do a short Parts Work demo on 2 students so you can explore how processing trauma works.

Goal Coaching Class For
Driven Latinas (Coming Soon)

Are you ready to manifest your fullest potential in the world? Join me for our monthly Goal Coaching Class for driven Latinas only. We talk about various self-empowerment topics and offer support to reach your goals for any aspect of life. I’ll do 2 Goal Coaching Demos so you can experience what reaching goals in an authentic and self-empowering way feels like – while being supported in a safe container by other driven Latinas who are ready to do the same.

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