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Overcome Latina Imposter Syndrome Trauma Master Class

Are you a driven Latina but feel like no matter how successful you are you don’t feel you deserve the life or career you have? 

When someone gives you compliments for your skills, qualities about you, or successes do you feel a sense of shame or have thoughts like, “who am I to be given this recognition and compliments?

Do you feel a constant need to prove yourself to others?

Do you sometimes get thoughts like, “I’m not enough?”

Do you struggle with feeling secure in putting yourself out in the world?

You might be surprised to learn that these are all taruma responses of imposter syndrome trauma. 

For us Latinas, imposter syndrome trauma has much deeper roots! 

In this masterclass, we’ll explore how imposter syndrome trauma uniquely impacts Latinas, the factors that impact us (some that you never even considered), and how to process it. 

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