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One-On-One Professional Goal Coaching For Driven Women 

Are you a driven woman and looking for support to help you reach your personal, professional, or business goals?

Reaching your goals can feel overwhelming and confusing. This overwhelm and confusion can block you from moving forward in reaching your goals and living your best life.

Having the right support can help transform this and make your goals attainable. As a driven woman, this support becomes even more vital. You have unique life experiences and obstacles that only another driven woman and Coach can understand.

Research has shown that you’re more likely to move forward with reaching your goals when you’re able to find YOUR OWN deeper awareness – compared to someone telling you what to do.

My Coaching Approach

As a Credentialed Coach (Associate Certified Coach – ICF), a Certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach, a Certified Parts Work Coach (Internal Family Systems), and Ordained Minister (Masters in Divinity Certification) I provide coaching that is collaborative. creative, empowering, goal-focused, self-directed, positive, and specific.

I believe that within, you already have the answers you seek to the important questions that will support you in moving forward with reaching your goals in your life, career, business, spiritual path, and more.

During our sessions, you’re in the driver’s seat – you’re in control of your destination, your life, your decisions, and your future. My job is simply to help you unlock the wisdom that already lives in you by asking empowering questions that help you create deeper insights – as well as creating a co-creative and safe container to explore your deepest self and increase your performance.

Each session is focused on a specific goal in mind and my job is to stay on track with that goal. Bigger goals require several sessions that are focused on smaller attainable goals to reach the bigger ones.

Having an ally like me in your life or team can be deeply transformative and supportive to help you navigate all aspects of your life and career.

Additionally, many of my past clients who are trauma survivors have shared with me that they felt safe exploring the deeper parts of themselves and reaching their goals because I could relate to their lived experiences as a fellow trauma survivor – who has healed from a lot of trauma and works with trauma.

Start reaching your goals and manifesting your fullest potential in the world!

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Professional Goal Coaching With Me Support You In:

Having a collaborative partner that’s supportive by helping you to create deeper awareness, so you can find your own answers and reach any goals in your life.  

• Connecting to your own inner wisdom and power. You’re not told what to do, feel, or think in these sessions.  
• Planning and organizing any goals (internal or external) you have in your career, business, or life.

• Providing support for your continued growth and development as a leader, executive, or CEO. 

• Support in interpersonal skill development to reach overall company goals. 

• Navigating life transitions and making difficult decisions.  

• Overcoming obstacles in relationships. 

• Identifying and reaching your career or business goals.
• Building your confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness so you can live your fullest potential in the world.

• Actually moving forward with the goals in your life in a way that’s attainable and authentic to who you are.

• Trusting yourself more and living your life with integrity.

• This is an empowering style of coaching for driven women who have processed trauma and are now ready to start manifesting their fullest potential in the world. 

• Becoming even more resilient and empowered in your life.  

• Having the support of a Trauma Coach who can help you identify trauma responses and overcome the internal obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

Reach your goals now!

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What Past Clients Are Saying

As a former competitive athlete, I know what a difference coaching makes, so I was excited to work with Monica to see if I could benefit from coaching in other areas of my life. She did not disappoint! I loved working with Monica. With each session, she provided a positive and illuminating space for clarity, connections and insights to arise. I strengthened my muscle of looking inward, felt more deeply rooted in my inner voice and strength, and was propelled forward with practical and doable steps to take going forward. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Monica!

Eva S.

Professional Goal Coaching Client

I enjoy and appreciate working with Monica because she has acquired much wisdom from her personal experiences and her extensive training as a trauma-informed life coach. She does a great job of guiding others through processes which will help them remove the obstacles which have kept them from moving forward into healthier and happier lives.

Mary G.

Trauma & Professional Goal Coaching Client

If you need a simple and easy-to-do plan to complete a goal, Monica will help you. This means you’ll actually do the thing you said you were going to do for real this time.

Taraleigh W.

Professional Goal Coaching Client

Professional Experience

As a Certified Goal Coach, a Parts Work Coach (Internal Family Systems), and Ordained Minister with a Masters in Divinity Certification that has been on my own personal self-healing and spiritual path for over 12 years; I provide compassionate and impactful trauma and transformational goal coaching in a safe and approachable environment where you can genuinely be seen and heard.