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Your True Self

Take the Archetype Guides Test™ to learn how to connect with sacred parts of yourself (archetypes) and how to work with them to discover your true Self and create an authentic brand if you have a business.

Driven Women Classes & Free Offerings

Are you a driven woman who is a trauma survivor and ready to live your fullest potential in the world? Uncover your hidden potential and reconnect to your authentic Self.

Check out all my amazing offerings and free content below – created for women just like you to support you in doing just that!

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Work with Archetypes
to reconnect
to your authentic Self

Trauma causes driven women to create a distortion of themselves that blocks access to their authentic sleeves and impacts many areas of their lives. In order to overcome this, they need to learn to access their own inner wisdom and inner world. Begin to do just that with my Archetype Guides Test! You’ll learn about these sacred parts that already live in you so you can understand yourself on a deeper level.

Understand how Archetypes
are connected
to trauma Masterclass

Learn about the world of archetypes, how they show in your life, and the main archetypes that are vital to helping you understand and process trauma. If you’re going through big changes in your life that feel like disruption – this is for a reason – your archetypes are trying to show you something important. Learn how to make sense of this, understand yourself on a deeper level, and begin to reconnect back to your own inner wisdom and authentic Self through the world of archetypes in this insightful class.

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Live Classes

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Overcome Trauma Coaching Class for
Driven Women

Learn how abandonment trauma impacts driven women in all areas of their lives. Feel supported in a safe space with other women like you who have experienced abandonment trauma (physical, mental, or emotional) and are ready to finally process it, connect to their inner wisdom, and live their full potential in the world. In each class, you’ll learn about a different aspect of how abandonment trauma impacts driven women. I’ll also do a short Parts Work demo on 2 students so you can explore how processing this trauma works.

Goal Coaching Class For
Driven Women (Coming Soon)

Are you ready to manifest your fullest potential in the world? Join me for our monthly Goal Coaching Class for driven women who are trauma survivors only. We’ll talk about various self-empowerment topics (from the aspect of a trauma survivor) and offer support to reach your goals for any aspect of life. I’ll do 2 Goal Coaching Demos so you can experience what reaching goals in an authentic and self-empowering way feels like – while being supported in a safe container by other driven women who are trauma survivors and are ready to do the same.

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