6 Ways Trauma Uniquely Impacts Latinas

My name is Mónica O. Duarte and I’m Trauma and Certified Transformational Goal Coach.

I’m also a driven Latina. As a Latina who has healed from a bunch of trauma, I felt inspired to make a video to share what I have learned about how trauma uniquely impacts Latinas.

My intention is to educate my community so we can finally take our power back and live our fullest potential in the world. In my experience, not healing from our traumas makes this very difficult!

You may have dreams and goals but also feel like something inside keeps blocking you or holding you back. This is a trauma response.

When what you’re doing doesn’t feel safe to your internal world – no matter how well your intentions are – it will stop you from moving forward with your dreams and goals.

As a Latina and trauma survivor, this is what I experienced and what other Latinas I’ve interviewed have also experienced too. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you in this video.

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